10 qualities of a good QA specialist



How is he - a good Quality Assurance specialist? We have asked ourselves this question by trying to describe it without using such qualities as assiduity and devotedness, which fit to representatives of different professions. 


Our goal is to list specific qualities, the presence or absence of which can show what professional successes awaiting this specialist.


And here are the results of our reflections, based on our professional experience and the observation of our business partners.



What distinguishes a good tester?

- Curious mind and interest in discoveries. The QA specialist must always learn something new, take an interest in new technologies. Quality Assurance is an area that is developing very fast, with no canonical rules. Rather, it is a range of practices that work for the project or not. It is precisely the curiosity that allows the tester to look at the product in a new way by asking the question: "What will happen if I hit this button twice? What if I do it three times? "," How to improve the product's behavior? »,« How to make the user go on this screen by doing the minimum of steps? A good QA specialist must ask these questions before the customer.

- Thinking analytically. QA specialists can finish different universities. We often may see, where guys were taught to think, analyze and where was simply required the performance of specific tasks. Subsequently the first group becomes more valuable specialists.

- Mistrust is one of the essential qualities of the tester. In this domain we can not believe on the word developers, business analysts, customers. All facts must be submitted to doubt, verified twice. No matter how many records there are on the successful deletion of a file, a good QA specialist has to check himself that this file is missing. Similarly with the correction of defects. The developer has set the status "Resolved", the tester must recheck the absence of the defect.


- Listen to the advice of more experienced colleagues. I think we can call this quality educability. By doing the software test in most cases we do not need to invent the bike. It's more efficient to listen to your colleagues, study their experience and adapt it to your project. In addition, a good QA specialist knows how to think out-of-series and find bugs in unexpected places of the application or system.

- Concentration of attention. We can take care all day of the realization of identical cases. At the same time we must notice all the defects.

- Assiduity. Those, who write test-cases a few days in a row, will agree with that. It is important for a long time, without pauses doing his work, without paying attention to what is happening around.

- Vigilance and perfectionism. These qualities are indispensable to the AQ specialist. If with vigilance everything is clear - we can not let the bugs stay - we do not talk very often about perfectionism. In our opinion, a good tester must first improve himself by reading the technical literature, learning foreign languages, especially English, attending training courses and professional courses. Secondly, he tries to perfect the product he is asked to test.

Of course, we understand that one person can not have all these qualities. But we learn all our life and we wish you success in this direction!

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